[SC-L] Aedificatoria: Layered Weak Links

Alfonso De Gregorio adg at secYOUre.com
Fri Mar 25 07:31:05 EDT 2011

Greetings SC-L,

I've recently kicked off Aedificatoria, a column on security
architectures and architecting security.
Articles - sometimes op-ed - will be aimed at addressing:
- our working landscape (with its tools, objects, technologies,
processes, and challenges);
- the architecture, as the set of theoretical and practical knowledge
driving our activities;
- ourselves and the human element.

Without further ado, the first victim of the column is Defense in
Depth and its relationship with survivability and mission assurance:

  Layered Weak Links - The Ability to Refresh Attack Cost is Key to
  Mission Success, but Seldom Available:

As always, I very welcome your feedback and, if you feel inclined,
your guest posts. It is your contributions which will make
Aedificatoria an edifying space.


 Alfonso De Gregorio

 BeeWise, Security Event Futures - http://beewise.org/
 Software Security's Futures Plural  http://plaintext.crypto.lo.gy/ssfp

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