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How secure are your business software applications? How do you know?

Too much security can hamper a business and, in the end, be more damaging to the business than not enough security. Reacting to all the latest attacks and vulnerabilities can result in a directionless security strategy that ends up slowing down business instead of helping it. 

Here at KRvW Associates, we take a balanced approach that starts with developing a deep understanding of how your business works, and then recommending a course of action that makes sense directly to you. We’ll help you design, build, deploy, and operate systems that meet your business and security needs.

Our training services stress learning retention through direct participation. Software developers and IT security practitioners learn and retain their knowledge best through this type of direct involvement. As a result, our courses all include at least 50% hands-on lab time.

KRvW consultants have spent years working with organizations of all sizes helping them answer these sorts of questions in meaningful ways, and putting in place the levels of information assurance that make sense for them and their customers. KRvW Associates has delivered a proven track record of results to our customers since 2003.

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